2015 CSA Season

Today we potted up tomato plants & emailed all our contacts about the 2015 Season. If you would like to be a part of the CSA, please check out all the information in our 2015 CSA Signup form. Edit! Sorry folks, we sold out our shares 24hours… email us to be on a waitlist!

We’re trying out a new mailing list service, so please check the spam and promotions folders for our messages!

CSA is an incredible arrangement between the farm and eaters. Members pay up front for a share of the harvest and receive the freshest mix of veggies through our 16 week season. The share starts with plenty of leafy greens and herbs in the spring, then adding diversity and heft throughout the summer and fall. We invite adventurous eaters to join us. You can check out our past season reports and share value filed under Eat With Us

We look forward to eating with you in 2015!

Growing garlic in Snow and Moose

Garlic shoots in snow, May 7th 2014

Garlic takes about a year to grow from bulb to bulb. Starting with a bulb in the fall, cloves are seperated for planting. Each clove will grow into a whole new plant. These are planted in the fall before the ground freezes, so that the cloves settle in and start to make roots. The cloves overwinter in the soil and jump up in the spring – these ones had a few inches of green poking up Continue reading Growing garlic in Snow and Moose

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